Women of Vision partner with women and their children around the world to create mutual life -changing opportunities. Each year we pray that many of you choose to become Women of Vision partners.

What is a partner and why do we ask you to partner with us? According to Webster's dictionary, a partner is a partaker, sharer, colleague - and interestingly, "partner" is also the heavy timber that strengthens a ship's deck to support a mast. When you partner with WOV, you are the heavy timber that strengthens our mission and supports the very thing that keeps us going.

The $50 annual chapter partnership fee, which is tax deductible, pays for Women of Vision's administrative costs and supports our projects. Without partners, we cannot exist. Please say "yes, I will partner with WoV!" You will be saying yes to a program that exists to help hurting, needy children and women around the world.

Note: After registering as a partner, please email to let us know, so we can send you a welcome packet as soon as possible!